Dr. Mo

About Dr. Mo.

Dr. Mo, a PhD graduate from the Centre for Eye Research Australia, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Melbourne, led Australia’s first and largest population based study on the burden of vision loss in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians with its results leading to policy formulation, eye service delivery and almost 50 publications in less than 2 years.

Beyond his research achievements, Dr. Mo is also amongst a selected few who have successfully applied both their research expertise and commercial smarts to spin-off several attractive start-ups in the health tech industry.

Together with his team, Dr Mo’s expertise and insights have led to invited talks at local and international industry seminars, panel discussions and scientific conferences. He is well known as an eloquent and engaging speaker, panellist and writer.

Always one with a passionate opinion, supported by science and facts; Dr. Mo has contributed opinion pieces to different publications. With his unique persuasive writing style, Dr. Mo’s articles often attract not just the regular readers but also an elite audience of movers and shakers.

Well acknowledged as a charismatic and powerful speaker that evokes not just thoughts but also emotions, Dr. Mo is highly sought after in the speaker circuit. Most recently, Dr. Mo spoke at the 33rd APAO Congress in Hong Kong.

Dr. Mo was invited by the World Health Organisation as an expert observer and contributor during its Western Pacific Region Meeting on Developing Myopia Control Strategies.

Dr. Mo finished his PhD at the tender age of 26 with 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications from his PhD alone. Since then, he has authored over a 100 scientific and government-commissioned publications, and more recently, he co-authored a bestselling children book series, The Plano Adventures.

Dr. Mo was one of few select CEOs to be part of Singapore’s trade mission to explore and identify commercial opportunities in Australia’s biomedical precinct.

With his growing profile, he has become a regular invitee to seminars, both regionally and globally. Dr. Mo was invited as an expert panellist at a global seminar to discuss the implications of technology on businesses, aptly titled “The Fuzzy and the Techie”.

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